Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Big Thank You to Austenprose!!

I just wanted to have a post to give out a big thank you to Austenprose for awarding me the Audiobook of Lady Susan. This was from a contest they had during their Soiree with Lady Susan. I will definitely enjoy the book on my walks. Thank you! Thank you, Austenprose!

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--------- said...

Hi, Susan.....I love this blog It's always good to know whats cookin'

Speaking of cooking, I found a French Gormet shop from NYC that carries all types of products. They are Simply Gormand. It would be a neat Idea to put up a gift for you know who....

I actually ordered some caramel sucker's for a French ceramic candy store display I found at an estate sale. The ceramic display was made in Italy in 1955, by CERAMICHE SAM REP. S. MARINO
This disply is from a company that is called Pierrot Gourmand....It's a clown from the late Victorian era. The children would recognize him carrying suckers and other confections. The company was established in 1892 and is currently in business. I fell in love with this character, and I had to have the suckers.
I found out they carry everything French, from fleur d' sel, to pate' to candy and baking powder. The prices are very affordable and S/H was reasonable from NYC.......Donna