Monday, April 19, 2010

Heading to the Shore

This will be my last post before writing group tomorrow and the start of our vacation, Wednesday. I know, it seems like I just started getting back into my blog, and I'm leaving already! Well, I hope to bring back many ideas for my writing, and I need the chance to relax and kick back for a while.

As I've been contemplating the idea of origins this week, I would like to end the week with this question, which I'm not sure has an answer:

When does one begin to call themselves a writer? Is it at the moment that the pen meets the paper for the first time? Does one have to wait until they are published so as not to be thought a fraud? I, myself, have always had trouble with this. Whenever I do introduce myself to someone as a writer, I immediately want to take it back. But, it's funny the reaction I get from people. I immediately am thought of as someone so cool (for the first time in my life, I might add.). People get so excited and immediately want to know what I write about and whether anything they do will appear somewhere in something that I create.

Still, within all this glory, I still feel it is too early. I guess it brings out my vulnerability, just like every time I press the "Publish Post" button on this blog!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderfully exciting spring break and is able to enjoy the sunshine for a little bit, at the very least. I'll be back to post again very soon.

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