Saturday, April 17, 2010

Those Elusive Beginnings

I'm finding that having this week's theme of origins in the back of my mind has affected both my reading and writing this week (even as I look back on all of my posts!). I am exploring the origins of love right now. Where does it begin? How can we break it down into its essence, its bare essentials? I am also contemplating the origins of our world--watching Nova and its theories of the universe's origins, exploring the theories of theism, and revisiting ancient literature. Surprisingly, I just starting reading the novel Twilight, after seeing the movie and being astounded by, not necessarily the film itself, but its whole concept and philosophy. The book has drawn me in, surprisingly. It's considered a young adult novel, and I, at 41 years of age, seem to be an unlikely reader, so I hide the cover when I am in public. But, I will admit, I am loving it. Twilight follows our theme this week. How can love transcend all? Does love begin at all, or has it always existed without our being aware of it? Can there be an ultimate attraction between two beings, stronger than everything else, stronger than life itself?

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