Friday, November 5, 2010

Culture Clash: In Pictures

Italian "Camping" in style
Tristan adapted quite well to Italy- he's been speaking Italian since we returned home in July

A Child's Mask from Venice

Gentleman in traditional garb- Graz, Austria

Iced Coffee and "Macher" torte in Graz
A Whole Plate full of Meat!!  Now how do I eat this?!  My gall bladder is screaming right now...

Must Americans make a sandwich out of everything?

Rabbits in your own backyard?  Visiting family in Hungary

Thermal spa in Hungary, or floating in a pond full of weeds!

Palenka! goes down pretty easily...

Hector, the family dog in Hungary-he was even part of the wedding procession until he got kicked out of church!  Poor Hector...

Cool!  Basketball in a Hungarian back yard

View from a Rest stop- Austria

Camping on Lake Garda

Pool at Camping with Afternoon Activity-locked in a see-through ball!

Ahhh!  Una Siesta...

Finally a decent cappuccino!  Lake Como

Risotto with shrimp and saffron- Bellagio

Jumping in Lake Garda with my Danish friends at camping.  Last day of the trip and oh so sad!
Viva Italia!
Buona Notte!


Avid Reader said...

I love these photos! I fell completely in love with Hungary when I was there. Austria and Italy too, but Hungary tops the list.

TheWingchairTraveller said...

What I loved most about Hungary was the food! It brought me right back to my Polish grandmother's cooking. We didn't get a chance to go to Budapest this trip, but maybe next time. Also, I would like to see Praque. (My brother-in-law lives in Hungary.) There is always such a dilemma with time when we travel. Never enough of it!