Friday, March 1, 2013

An Epistolary Poem: An Experiment---directly from one of my characters to you

letter from a narcissist

My own dear
My mirror
My second self
If only you had known
How much
I wanted to be able to
Fit in
to blend
to live with the masses
I would not let myself disintegrate
Like that
Needed love to be noticed to
Have someone give themselves up
To me
Over and
Over and
Over again this way
My way
The only way
I knew how
She was my face in the mirror….She my echo…. She my second self
Only she could not have me she was me and she was all mine
There is no me to have they are me
All me
She and I, but there is no I. 
There is only me.
I only want to see me, feel me touch, me
She and me
Once you are not me
You have become dust
No thing No me Never
Such a thing as you
You were never you
With me, you are me.
Without me, so help 
Lone daffodil 
Hidden inside crinkled sheets
Blown to  pieces
And bits
My I 
will never hope 
     to exist
Without you
My Me.

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