Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Clearing off the dust of an old poem.

A Poem: written in the morning

So many nights of struggle, of convincing and persuasion. 
I am lost in a sea of words forgotten or misread or even twisted now 
 into words proclaimed in anger or hate or apathy
It is not so
I would never do this, never be unmasked as your villain. 

I want to understand this prison you're in 
that possesses this strange power to  create the bars that hold you with every word or action that is uttered or made
I want to do this out of love
Not some sort of masochistic revenge on myself to make myself suffer
Not a desire for misery or self flagellation
And the feeling that I am strong enough now to endure

I do see some of myself in this 
Maybe that's why
Maybe I do understand deep inside
Maybe you recognize me and it scares you
Maybe we are good for each other
Maybe we can endure mirages and those storms of emotions that won't let go
Maybe we can endure this because we both understand 
We can both feed and nourish the other
Not kill and annihilate like it has always been.

Before we were two maelstroms left to rage in emptiness
Now we connect and impede the storm
We will hold the storm inside our arms so it cannot get out. 
Don't drift away because then I can't reach you
Don't drift because now
You are just out of reach of my arms
I can't help to keep the storm away that way

We will keep the storm away.