Monday, October 25, 2010

Writer's Block Officially Over!!

And I am ecstatic! With the writing of two poems last week, my "fallow" period seems to have come to an end. Although I have been keeping my blog going with book reviews and such, my creative writing seemed to have been stifled over the last few months. I wasn't sure whether this was my usual drifting away out of disinterest or a true writer's block, but last week I had quite the flow of creativity. I am still doing a very grueling rewriting of one of the poems, but the other I will post separately today.

What seemed to compel me to start writing again was my goal of reading more, especially the blogs that I follow on my dashboard. These blogs have been exposing me to the current zeitgeist, both in fiction and literary non-fiction. My interest has been sparked in a few areas, especially food and travel writing and combining literature and the home in a holistic way.

So, look for more from me. I may be posting less, but what I post will be much more extensive and well-thought out.


Avid Reader said...

Yay! Congrats for you. Those periods of writers' block are awful.

TheWingchairTraveller said...

thank you, Avid Reader1 Hope I can keep it going!

Christopher said...

I know what that's all about too. I just knocked out a poem and I'm feeling pretty good. I even posted it tonight. It sure can be tough though. Inspiration can be a nebulous thing to get your arms around, can't it?

Good on you, and keep rolling! Cheers! Chris

TheWingchairTraveller said...

I'm heading right over to check it out, Christopher!